Welcome to the sws documentation!

what is sws?

sws is a utility I wrote with the intention of implementing some common web scripts into one cohesive library. it is primarily intended to be used as a standalone script, but it can also be used as an API.


From PyPi

run pip install sws or sudo pip3 install sws.

From source

  1. Clone the github repo (https://github.com/Descent098/sws)
  2. cd into the 'sws' root directory (where setup.py is) and run pip install . or sudo pip3 install .

You can validate it is installed properly by typing sws into your terminal, the output should look like this:

Super Web Scripts; A command line interface, and set of scripts for web tasks.

    sws [-h] [-v]
    sws redirects <url> [-t]
    sws youtube <url> [<path>]
    sws ssl <hostname> [-e] [-c]

    -h --help               Show this help message and exit
    -v --version            Show program's version number and exit
    -e --expiry             If specified will check the expiry of ssl cert/domain
    -c --cert               If specified will print the full details of the SSL cert
    -t --trace              If specified will show the full trace of the provided url