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What is Profilicity?

Profilicity is a system that allows you to build static websites straight in your browser! These can then be used directly, or as a starting place to build from. There were 3 goals when building Profilicity

  • Be easy to use; You shouldn't need experience to setup a site, that's why it's done all in browser
  • Provide features people need; Most existing builders are built around buisnesses, with individuals as an afterthought. Profilicity is built for people, not companies
  • Be stateless; Sometimes you gotta practice what you preach. This site is just plain HTML, so you could re-host it anywhere

Finally Profilicity built to make creating a static site as easy as possible! You might be wondering why you would want a static site.

Well, for most people this comes down to how cheap the hosting and maintenance is. If you're just a normal person, the likelyhood is you want your site to be cheap, and able to run without hassle. Static site hosts are super cheap (often free), and all you have to do is just dump the code on a server to get it running. This is especially true of systems like GitHub pages (what's hosting this site), and Cloudflare pages, to name a few. No configurations or complexity!

Who is Profilicity for?

Unlike most normal site builders, profilicity is not designed for companies or buisness. You can use it for that if you want, but there are no buisness features included. Proflicity is aimed at:

  • People who want cheap websites to run
  • People who want a template to start from
  • People getting into webdev who want open source code to start learning how to build sites

If any of these sound like you, then check out below how to get started with Profilicity (before you ask, yes it's free).

How do I use Profilicity?

Just head over to the editor and start building your site! Once you're done just export and you'll be given a zip file with your site all ready to go! Further details can be found in the readme file of your exported site if you're not sure what to do from there!

What about licensing?

All the templates used in Profilicity are built from scratch, and released under the MIT License. Meaning you can do what you want with them! You don't have to provide/keep the attribution, but it's appreciated so people can go and get their own site!

Speaking of, big thank you to unsplash for images on the site. Even though they don't require attribution, the fact that they host this many free to use images is awesome (see that wasn't hard).

What's the name about?

On top of being a CS nerd, I'm also a philosophy nerd. Profilicity is a term used by Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul J. D'Ambrosio in their book You and your profile