Canadian Coding

One of the biggest projects I have undertaken is the canadian coding project I started in late 2019. The goal of the project is to develop courses and posts on some of the more esoteric but incredibly useful aspects of coding. The posts and courses range from language basics and essentials, to deep dive on methods i've developed to be more effective as a developer.

Additionally if you are interested in having me do some freelance work I route all of my consultations and development contracts through canadian coding. Additionally if you are more interested in videos then there is a channel on YouTube for canadian coding here.

Work & Projects

Currently I work at the University of Calgary as a Web Services Specialist. This entails providing end-user support, troubleshooting, client + internal technical documentation, and automation scripts for the on campus CMS.

Additionally I do freelance work on a contract basis for web development and content development. This has included development on POS systems, kiosk applications, and other custom website/webapp development. Primarily the work has been in Java, Javascript and/or Python.

Canadian Coding

Canadian Coding logo

I wrote the backend and front end for my Canadian Coding website. The backend system is implemented in Django, deployed to heroku with a single click CI/CD pipeline and cloudflare for DNS and caching. Non-static pages are primarily composed of content written in markdown and rendered to HTML on the fly, and the whole project (minus security configuration variables) is open source.

Shulich ignite

Schulich Ignite Logo

Completely overhauled website and infrastructure. Before the redesign the website was 3 pages hosted on firebase using angular with dns and CDN caching being provided by ionos. The total payload for all 3 pages and assets was 9MB.

After the redesign the site was taken down to a single page (with the same content), I managed to procure free hosting through github pages (previously pay-per use), with a total payload (images, js, html) of 2MB, along with CDN caching, dns, and ddos filtering through cloudflare (roughly a 4x reduction in load times vs ionos with the same size payload).

Additionally I worked as a mentor for the program helping to teach (primarily highschool) kids programming using the processing library (Java version).This covered teaching fundamentals such as variables, operators, collections, classes, loops, functions, and more.


ahd Logo

ahd (ad-hoc dispatcher) is a system to namespace commands, and make it simpler to do tedius tasks. Primarily this serves to replace one-off bash scripts that are rewritten all the time to do simple tasks such as running git pull on a series of directories, or opening a specific directory in a text editor.


Pystall Logo

Pystal is a python based program installation and configuration tool. It's designed primarily to be used to get up and running quickly upon operating system installation/re-installation, though there are many more practical applications such as server configuration, game installers, application deployment etc.



sws (Super Web Scripts) is a utility I wrote with the intention of implementing some common web scripts into one cohesive library. it is primarily intended to be used as a standalone script, but it can also be used as an API.


I'm a Canadian computer science student at the University of Calgary. I have been developing for 3 years with extensive experience in python, as well as being comfortable with Java, Go, Rust, and C.

I mostly focus on web development, automation, and devops though I am familiar with a range of other fields. Outside of development, work and school I ski and scuba dive (whenever time permits).